Barrelhouse Piano & Kansas Blues with Pat O'Connor

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Barrelhouse Piano & Kansas Blues with Pat O'Connor


Pat O'Connor


2 hour workshop- Monday, June 5 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

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Minimum number: 8people; No maximum number of enrollees

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Course Objectives

This workshop will explore the barrelhouse piano style from the early 20th century until today as performed by the presenter. Attendees will learn the history of the style with examples from major influences, and the use of charts and exercises to come up with their own arrangements. Barrelhouse is a two-handed method of playing early jazz, ragtime, and blues.

In addition, a brief history of Black music in Kansas will be touched on, showing the importance of African American performers in our state. This should give a feel of the people behind the music and why it is important to acknowledge their influence and contributions.

Presenter Pat O’Connor has played the piano in rock bands and solo from L.A. to London since the late 1960s.