Basic Ukulele

Class Name:

Basic Ukulele

Discover the joy of playing the Ukulele! No prior musical experience required. Learn basic chords, strumming patterns, and popular tunes in an engaging group environment.


Anna Pauscher Morawitz


Enrollment for the spring semester is currently closed

Class Size:

Minimum 5, Maximum 25

Age Range:

Middle school to adult

Materials Required:

A soprano, concert or tenor ukulele (baritone ukuleles will not work).

A ukulele tuner or a tuning app on your phone or smart device

A folder or notebook to keep your handouts organized

The teacher will provide handouts related to class content

Course Objectives

*Parts of the ukulele and how to tune and care for the instrument

*Vocabulary for describing which strings to play and where to place your fingers to make each chord

*Picking patterns and strums for each chord we learn. Strumming with your thumb, fingers, and finger-picking patterns

*Making music in a group, playing songs, exercises and collaborating with other musicians

*Different chord shapes and playing basic chord progressions by following worksheets and song sheets