Beyond the Basics Piano

Class Name:

Beyond the Basics Piano

This class is for the musician who has learned the basics and wants to continue to develop. Students should have some piano experience: either private lessons or have completed the Beginner Piano II at the Stiefel. You should be familiar with finger numbers, basic rhythms, note names and be able to identify the keys of the piano.


Stephanie Gerry


4 Day Workshop for ages 9 to 12- July 18th through the 21st from 10:00 to 10:50 a.m.

Class Size:

Minimum 3, Maximum 8

Age Range:

Ages 9 to 12 with some piano experience

Materials Required:

Instruments are provided for class, but students will need to have access to a piano or keyboard in order to practice between sessions.

Course Objectives

*C position and G position on the piano

*Note reading on the musical staff

*Keyboard geography: reinforcing knowledge of note location

*Learning more difficult rhythms

*Continuing to learn more musical terms and techniques