Piano Basics for Older Beginners

Class Name:

Piano Basics for Older Beginners

This class is for anyone that is new to piano. We will learn the basics of finding your way around the keyboard and how to read notes and rhythms. If you have always been interested in learning about the piano, this class is a great place to start!


Stephanie Gerry


4 Day Workshop for ages 12 to adult- July 25th through the 28th from 10:00 to 10:50 a.m.

Class Size:

Minimum 3, Maximum 8

Age Range:

12 to adult. This class is for complete beginners

Materials Required:

Piano: Instruments are provided for class, but students will need to have access to a piano or keyboard in order to practice between sessions.

Course Objectives

*Finger numbers for piano

*The musical alphabet

*Keyboard geography: how to find notes on the keyboard

*Basic music reading

*Basic rhythms