Guitar Performance Camp

Class Name:

Guitar Performance Camp

This camp is for intermediate and advanced players who would like to use their skills to put together a guitar concert with other guitarists. We will meet Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for the two weeks and the second Thursday, we put on a "lunch concert" at noon of what we've prepared over our two weeks together. Any guitarist who has taken guitar class at either Lakewood, South Middle, or South High would be ready for this camp experience.


Matt Gerry


2 week intensive experience for ages 10 to 18- Monday through Thursday July 18-21 & July 25-27 from 1:00-1:50 p.m. Concert on July 28th at noon

Class Size:

Minimum 4, maximum 25

Age Range:

10 to 18

Materials Required:

Guitar: Preferably an acoustic or classical guitar, but an electric guitar will work as well. If the student only has an electric, they will not be able to plug in to an amplifier during the group lessons and will be very quiet during the class. Guitar needs to have relatively new strings and be able to hold a tune. Questions about guitar and string quality can be directed to the instructor, S.M. Hanson Music, or Midwest Music stores. The Stiefel does have 5 guitars that can be checked out during the workshop if you do not have your own. They are first come, first serve and a waiver must be signed making the student responsible for any damage. If you'd like to check availability, please email the instructor at

Picks: 3 to 4 medium gauge picks

Music: All music, including accompaniment tracks, will be available to students online. If the student does not have internet access, please inquire about having physical copies made for the student

Course Objectives

*Use of chords across several different keys

*Reading of standard notation and tablature

*Incorporating several different strumming patterns

*Playing guitar in a group: keeping time and fitting in a band-type situation

*Bass guitar will be incorporated

*Opportunities for electric guitar solos

*Opportunities to sing with the guitar ensemble

*Performance skills-presenting to an audience