Guitar Riffs & Improvisation

Class Name:

Guitar Riffs & Improvisation

If you've always wanted to play that famous rock lick in your favorite song, or if you've longed to make your own guitar solos on the fly, this workshop will explore the world of guitar tablature and pentatonic scales to help you reach your guitar goals.


Matt Gerry


4 Day Workshop for ages 8 to adult- July 25th through the 28th from 11:00 to 11:50 a.m.

Class Size:

Minimum 4, Maximum 25

Age Range:

8 to adult. This is an intermediate workshop. Participants need to have a basic knowledge of the guitar with a year or two of experience with the instrument

Materials Required:

Guitar: Preferably an acoustic or classical guitar, but an electric guitar will work as well. If the student only has an electric, they will not be able to plug in to an amplifier during the group lessons and will be very quiet during the class. Guitar needs to have relatively new strings and be able to hold a tune. Questions about guitar and string quality can be directed to the instructor, S.M. Hanson Music, or Midwest Music stores. The Stiefel does have 5 guitars that can be checked out during the workshop if you do not have your own. They are first come, first serve and a waiver must be signed making the student responsible for any damage. If you'd like to check availability, please email the instructor at

Picks: 3 to 4 medium gauge picks

Music: All music, including accompaniment tracks, will be available to students online. If a student does not have access to the internet, please inquire about having physical copies made for the student.

Course Objectives

*Reading basic guitar tablature for solos

* Bends, Hammer-Ons, Slides

*Explore places to find solos online

*The minor pentatonic scale

*The major pentatonic scale

*Tips for improvising in a group setting