Hammond B-3

30 minute individual lessons
Class Name:

Hammond B-3

This class set up is slightly different than other Mike Finnigan School of Music classes. These will be one on one lessons with times and dates set up with you and the instructor. Each lesson will be 30 minutes and will cost $40. Minimum of 4 lessons required.

These private lessons are for beginning, intermediate, and advanced keyboard players. Focus is entirely on exploring the Hammond B3.

Playing along with iconic recordings, and the study of the Hammond B3 and its sonic abilities take shape in these interactive 1-on-1 lessons. Styles of music in which the Hammond B3 is most famous include but are not limited to: gospel, rock, blues, country, jazz, and pop.

*These courses are not designed to teach students how to read music.  Please see “piano lessons” for music reading lessons.


Paul Draper


Class times and dates will be individually determined between student and instructor

Class Size:

One on one lessons

Age Range:

All ages

Materials Required:

A willingness to learn and explore the world of the Hammond B-3 organ

Course Objectives

Lessons with Kansas music Hall of Famer, Paul Draper are music listening and “jam, focused.” This means there will be a considerable amount of playing, music improvisation, otherwise known as jamming!