Intermediate Guitar

Class Name:

Intermediate Guitar

This class is for those who know the basics of guitar playing and are ready to take their skills to the next level.  

We’ll concentrate on building skills to take your guitar playing to the next level.  This class is the perfect next step for previous Mike Finnigan School of Music students or any student who is past the introductory stage.

Not sure which class to signup for?  You can always contact one of the instructors for clarification.

Materials will be available online.


Matt Gerry


Enrollment for the spring semester is currently closed

Class Size:

Minimum 4; Maximum 25

Age Range:

Ages 8 to adult. A student in level 2 guitar should possess a knowledge of how to properly hold the guitar, how to hold down the strings to produce a clear sound, a basic understanding of how the notes are laid across the fretboard (could you find the note “A” in several different places?), how to read a chord frame and play a few basic chords.  

Any student who attended South Middle or Lakewood Middle School and had an introduction to guitar in music class should be ready for this class.

Materials Required:

·        Guitar:  Preferably an acoustic or classical guitar, but an electric guitar will work, as well.  If the student only has an electric they will not be able to plug into an amplifier during group lessons and will be very quiet during class. Guitar needs to have relatively new strings and be able to hold a tune.  Questions about guitar and string quality can be directed to the instructor or S.M. Hanson / Midwest music stores.  The Stiefel does have 5 guitars that can be checked out during the workshop if you do not own your own.  They are first come first serve and a waiver must be signed making the student responsible for any damage. If you’d like to check availability - please email the instructor

·        Flat Picks:  3 to 4 medium gauge flat picks

Music: All music, including accompaniment tracks, will be available to student sonline. If the student does not have internet access, please inquire about having physical copies made for the student

Course Objectives
  • Chords in the keys of G, D, and A
  • Proper fretting technique
  • How notes are laid out across the fretboard
  • Ensemble playing incorporating lead, bass, and rhythm into a modern band setting.
  • How to read both standard notation and tablature
  • How to perform both with a group and individually