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This class is designed to improve each student's singing voice and develop the ability to sing successfully in front of others. During their course of study, they will be taught the fundamentals of healthy vocal production which includes the following: 1) proper posture and breathing to sing, 2) tone production, 3) diction, 4) expression, and 5) gaining confidence. Individual vocal problems will be assessed and exercises will be given to help strengthen and improve the voice. Students will be singing together and also individually for class.

A second class will be added at 6:30 if this class exceeds enrollment maximum


Bill Tuzicka


Enrollment for the spring semester is currently closed

Class Size:

No minimum; 20 maximum

Age Range:

Middle School to adult

Materials Required:

All materials will be provided by the instructor

Course Objectives

1. The importance of vocal exercises will be stressed. These exercises will be learned and used as a bridge between the speaking and singing voice. Doing these exercises regularly will strengthen and develop the muscles used in the singing process and will improve the voice. Vocal exercises will be done at the beginning of every class and should also be done regularly outside of class. Students will also take notes on how each exercise functions and will be tested on this information.

2. Students will learn the "nuts and bolts" of singing:

a) anatomy and physiology of the voice

b) proper posture

c) breathing to sing

d) vowel depth and modification

e) flexibility

f) pitch stability

g) range extension

h) even scale - one sound throughout the range

i) tone - clarity and beauty

j) diction - clarity of text

k) text interpretation and expression

3. Performance skills. Singing is by definition the musical expression of a text. Students will learn an effective method of learning a song thoroughly. Being well-prepared greatly improves confidence. We will also discuss how body language can help or hurt a performance. Other factors that influence a performance such as environment and acoustics will be explored.

4. Vocal Health. "Your body is your instrument." Therefore students will gain a basic understanding of how the voice works and how to protect and care for it. Specific information regarding illness, abuse, drugs, nutrition, etc... and their affects on the voice will be discussed.