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Pink Floyd The Wall

Friday, October 18, 2024


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Do you remember listening to an entire album? The thrill of dropping the needle on the greatest music ever recorded?

Classic Albums Live does.

Classic Albums Live takes the greatest Classic Rock albums and recreates them live on stage - note for note / cut for cut. “CAL are curators,” says founder Craig Martin, “These albums are historic and stand the test of time and CAL honors these records and their fans by delivering performances that sound exactly like these records."

To do this, CAL boasts an exceptional ensemble of performers, all of whom have graced music’s elite stages and collaborated with industry icons both in studio and on stage. “CAL is a modern-day orchestra,” Martin emphasizes, “utilizing the highest-level players whose unique ability to focus and execute with precision is essential to authentically recreating these records. ”All of the focus is on the music. There’s no distracting costumes or bad impersonations."

In 2023, CAL celebrated its 20th anniversary and has expanded its repertoire to include over 45 different records and delivers more than 200 performances annually across North America. Each CAL show offers two distinct experiences: a faithful rendition of the chosen record in the first half, followed by a dynamic set featuring the artist’s greatest hits. “We pay homage to the album in the first half, then let loose with the hits in the second,” explains Martin. “These albums and artists hold sacred places in people’s hearts, and as fans ourselves, we aim to exceed expectations and deliver an unforgettable experience. It’s this unwavering passion and dedication to authenticity that defines the very soul of CAL and resonates deeply with audiences."

40 years after its release

The Wall has taken on an even deeper meaning

It seems like there are now more

Walls than bridges

But music builds bridges

And The Wall is a bridge

It’s a news report and a social media feed

Perhaps Pink Floyd should rename the album

The Bridge

Or at least follow it up with an album called The Bridge

I’ll call Roger and invite him to tea to discuss this

The Wall was released in November 1979

It became the number one selling album of the 70s

Although it was an 80s album

Either way

Change was in the air - and it took this albums reflection

To enact it

We know how to perform this album

All the sounds and voices

All the sonic luxury

It all comes alive on our stage

The musicians all realize how important this album is

We all do

It’s a monumental work of art

To me The Wall is more important

Than anything you’ll ever find in a museum

Craig Martin


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